Inside Higher Ed Interview on “Backlash”

I don’t have much to add that the eminently qualified professor, George Yancy, doesn’t say himself in this interview from Insider Higher Ed.

Frankly, you should read the interview itself. But here is a choice quote.

Things got so bad that it was necessary for me to be escorted by campus police to my classes to teach. I also had to have police presence during the times that I traveled to give public talks at other universities.

This all happened because he wrote an article saying that racism is still prevalent. So now he’s written a book about what happens when we try to talk honestly about racism and the “Backlash” that results from it.

Yancy does not speak with hatred in his heart, but love.

 Colleges and universities must become spaces where students risk their dogmatism, risk being touched and transformed by ideas that encourage freedom, mutual respect and profound forms of love, where that love, as James Baldwin says, takes off the masks that we are afraid that we cannot live without and know we can’t live with. Colleges and universities must be encouraged to engage in critical dialogue, mutual passion or shared suffering, and recognition and respect of our differences.

Would that the right folks could listen to what he’s saying.